Projected Court Calendars for 04/25/2018

Judge Beyer Judge Hodges Judge Whitley First Meetings

First Meeting of Creditors

10:30 AM
18-50139 Jason Lee Watson  Ch. 13
Gregory Luck representing Jason Lee Watson (Debtor)
Steven G. Tate (Trustee)

18-50156 Billy Ray Foster and Sandra Pennie Foster  Ch. 13
Gregory Luck representing Billy Ray Foster (Debtor)
Gregory Luck representing Sandra Pennie Foster (Debtor)
Steven G. Tate (Trustee)

11:00 AM
18-50151 John E. Nicholson and Nora M. Nicholson  Ch. 13
R. Keith Johnson representing John E. Nicholson (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson representing Nora M. Nicholson (Debtor)
Steven G. Tate (Trustee)