Projected Court Calendars for 02/23/2018

Judge Beyer Judge Hodges Judge Whitley First Meetings

J. Craig Whitley, Judge Presiding

09:30 AM
17-40451 Christopher James Thompson  Ch. 13 Hearing RE: Doc #9; Motion for Relief from Stay
Caleb J Farmer representing Christopher James Thompson (Debtor)
Steven G. Tate (Trustee)

15-40242 Robert Bernard Devoe  Ch. 13 Status Hearing Disposition of Hearing/Trial
Hearing RE: Doc #106; Motion Dismiss/Convert/Modify
William S. Gardner representing Robert Bernard Devoe (Debtor)
Steven G. Tate (Trustee)

17-40455 Dennis Ray Michaels and Mary Sue Michaels  Ch. 13 Hearing RE: Doc #15; Objection
T. Bentley Leonard representing Dennis Ray Michaels (Debtor)
T. Bentley Leonard representing Mary Sue Michaels (Debtor)
Steven G. Tate (Trustee)

17-40167 Charlotte Marie Banner  Ch. 13 Hearing RE: Doc #34; Motion (Other)
Allen W. Wood III representing Charlotte Marie Banner (Debtor)
Steven G. Tate (Trustee)

10:30 AM
17-40281 Ward, Crawley and Bradley  Ch. 11 Hearing RE: Doc #56; Motion to Continue/Reschedule Hearing
Hearing RE: Doc #44; Order on Motion (Other)
Disclosure Statement Hearing RE: Doc #49; Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement
Hearing RE: Doc #53; Order/Notice of Hearing on Disclosure
Albert L. Sneed Jr. representing L. McCoy Ward (Petitioning Creditor)
Albert L. Sneed Jr. representing Vick Crawley (Petitioning Creditor)
PRO SE - Ward, Crawley and Bradley (Debtor)

11:00 AM
13-40637 Peter Fedur and Mary Fedur  Ch. 13 Hearing RE: Doc #113; Approve Settlement
Yansea H. Taylor representing Peter Fedur (Debtor)
Yansea H. Taylor representing Mary Fedur (Debtor)
Steven G. Tate (Trustee)

9:30 AM
17-40038 Donley Eugene Whisman and Kimberly Jo Whisman  Ch. 13 Hearing RE: Doc #44; Motion (Other)
Caleb J Farmer representing Donley Eugene Whisman (Debtor)
Caleb J Farmer representing Kimberly Jo Whisman (Debtor)
Steven G. Tate (Trustee)