Projected Court Calendars for 02/12/2018

Judge Beyer Judge Hodges Judge Whitley First Meetings

J. Craig Whitley, Judge Presiding

09:30 AM
17-30314 Marc Mitchell Ravenscroft and Heather Frank Ravenscroft  Ch. 7 Hearing RE: Doc #39; Objection
Joseph M Bochicchio representing Marc Mitchell Ravenscroft (Debtor)
Joseph M Bochicchio representing Heather Frank Ravenscroft (Debtor)
John W. Taylor (Trustee)

17-31885 Adriana Elizabeth Plata Cobo  Ch. 7 Reaffirmation Hearing RE: Doc #13; Court Notice of Hearing
Jeffrey G. Dalrymple P.A. representing Adriana Elizabeth Plata Cobo (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

17-31718 All American Roofing, Inc.  Ch. 7 Hearing RE: Doc #20; Motion (Other), Motion for Relief from Stay
Melanie D. Johnson Raubach representing All American Roofing, Inc. (Debtor)
Frederick L Henderson Jr. (Trustee)

16-3291 Mitchell v. Lopez Pre-Trial Conference Disposition of Hearing/Trial
John W. Taylor representing Richard M. Mitchell (Plaintiff)
Paul Tharp representing Rafael Lopez (Defendant)

17-31607 Moussa Bamba and Hortense Gisele Bamba  Ch. 7 Hearing RE: Doc #19; Objection
Barbara L. White representing Moussa Bamba (Debtor)
Barbara L. White representing Hortense Gisele Bamba (Debtor)
A. Burton Shuford (Trustee)

17-31569 Melanie Taylor  Ch. 7 Hearing RE: Doc #25; Objection, Motion (Other)
PRO SE - Melanie Taylor (Debtor)
A. Burton Shuford (Trustee)

17-3032 Overton v. Discover Financial Services, LLC et al Hearing RE: Doc #10; Motion for Default Judgment
Hearing RE: Doc #9; Motion for Default Judgment
Robert Lewis Jr representing Tait Ray Overton (Plaintiff)
PRO SE - Discover Financial Services, LLC (Defendant)
PRO SE - American Express Bank FSB (Defendant)

11:00 AM
15-31929 Kelly Gilmer Johnson  Ch. 7 Hearing RE: Doc #88; Application for Compensation
James H. Henderson representing Kelly Gilmer Johnson (Debtor)
U.S. Bankruptcy Administrator Office (Trustee)