Projected Court Calendars for 02/14/2018

Judge Beyer Judge Hodges Judge Whitley First Meetings

Laura T. Beyer, Judge Presiding

09:30 AM
17-31752 GaDo, Inc.  Ch. 11 Hearing RE: Doc #25; Motion to Assume/Reject
R. Keith Johnson representing GaDo, Inc. (Debtor)

17-31083 AA Holdings-Winston-Salem, LLC  Ch. 11 Hearing RE: Doc #112; Motion (Other)
A. Burton Shuford representing AA Holdings-Winston-Salem, LLC (Debtor)

15-31901 GCC-Chase, LLC  Ch. 11 Status Hearing Disposition of Hearing/Trial
Glenn C. Thompson representing GCC-Chase, LLC (Debtor)

16-31409 William Patrick Cune and Sallie Ann Cune  Ch. 11 Hearing RE: Doc #108; Motion to Reopen Case
Hearing RE: Doc #109; Motion (Other)
Hearing RE: Doc #114; Amended Document
Richard S. Wright representing William Patrick Cune (Debtor)
Richard S. Wright representing Sallie Ann Cune (Debtor)

First Meeting of Creditors

10:00 AM
18-30038 Samuel Owen Dillon and Madeline Marie Dillon  Ch. 7
David R. Badger representing Samuel Owen Dillon (Debtor)
David R. Badger representing Madeline Marie Dillon (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30029 Michael Eugene Ellis  Ch. 7
Joseph M Bochicchio representing Michael Eugene Ellis (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30036 Savannah Simms  Ch. 7
Joseph M Bochicchio representing Savannah Simms (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30048 Victoria Mraz Bingham  Ch. 7
Melanie Tarrant Bull representing Victoria Mraz Bingham (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30017 Febe Silva  Ch. 7
Marcus D Crow representing Febe Silva (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30033 Patricia Rodden Parker  Ch. 7
Matthew H. Crow representing Patricia Rodden Parker (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30046 John Dominic Bondi  Ch. 7
Matthew H. Crow representing John Dominic Bondi (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30018 Calvin Simmons and Dorothy Marie Simmons  Ch. 7
Jeffrey G. Dalrymple P.A. representing Calvin Simmons (Debtor)
Jeffrey G. Dalrymple P.A. representing Dorothy Marie Simmons (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30016 Bruce Lyle Kubetz and Caroline NMN Kubetz  Ch. 7
Terry M. Duncan representing Bruce Lyle Kubetz (Debtor)
Terry M. Duncan representing Caroline NMN Kubetz (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30024 Nancy Ann Bradley  Ch. 7
Richard M. Mitchell representing Nancy Ann Bradley (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

16-31175 Priscilla Hughes Jimson  Ch. 7
Geoffrey A. Planer representing Priscilla Hughes Jimson (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30049 David Garrett Pressley and Tammy Paramore Pressley  Ch. 7
Diana Arleen Saffa representing David Garrett Pressley (Debtor)
Diana Arleen Saffa representing Tammy Paramore Pressley (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30032 Robert Cornelius Parks, Sr. and Martha McCrory Parks  Ch. 7
C. Lee Schwilm representing Robert Cornelius Parks Sr. (Debtor)
C. Lee Schwilm representing Martha McCrory Parks (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30037 Todd Leland Smith and Darla Kay Smith  Ch. 7
C. Lee Schwilm representing Todd Leland Smith (Debtor)
C. Lee Schwilm representing Darla Kay Smith (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30039 Frederick John Dodd and Caren Marie Dodd  Ch. 7
C. Lee Schwilm representing Frederick John Dodd (Debtor)
C. Lee Schwilm representing Caren Marie Dodd (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30040 LaKeysha Thomas  Ch. 7
Kimberly A. Sheek representing LaKeysha Thomas (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30034 Denise Norman York  Ch. 7
Yansea H. Taylor representing Denise Norman York (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-30047 Stephanie Leigh Burnside  Ch. 7
Barbara L. White representing Stephanie Leigh Burnside (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)