Projected Court Calendars for 05/05/2020

Judge Beyer Judge Hodges Judge Whitley First Meetings

J. Craig Whitley, Judge Presiding

09:30 AM
20-30009 Spartan Properties, LLC  Ch. 11 Disclosure Statement Hearing RE: Doc #26; Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement
R. Keith Johnson representing Spartan Properties, LLC (Debtor)

18-30985 Dempsey Perry Miller and Myra M Miller  Ch. 11 Status Hearing Disposition of Hearing/Trial
Kimberly A. Sheek representing Dempsey Perry Miller (Debtor)
Kimberly A. Sheek representing Myra M Miller (Debtor)

First Meeting of Creditors

09:30 AM
20-30361 Willie Easter, Jr.  Ch. 13
Geoffrey A. Planer representing Willie Easter Jr. (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

20-30363 Tony Lee Carpenter  Ch. 13
Geoffrey A. Planer representing Tony Lee Carpenter (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

20-30365 Justin Douglas Mixter and Danielle Marie Mixter  Ch. 13
Geoffrey A. Planer representing Justin Douglas Mixter (Debtor)
Geoffrey A. Planer representing Danielle Marie Mixter (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

09:55 AM
20-30344 Karen Clark Evans  Ch. 13
Terry M. Duncan representing Karen Clark Evans (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

20-30359 Jimmy Luther Donaldson  Ch. 13
Terry M. Duncan representing Jimmy Luther Donaldson (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

10:10 AM
20-30349 Billie Ann McCain  Ch. 13
Beth Carter representing Billie Ann McCain (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

10:20 AM
20-30347 Jamie Simmons Council  Ch. 13
James C. Hord representing Jamie Simmons Council (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

10:30 AM
20-30377 Lorenzo D. Mason and Lisa M. Mason  Ch. 13
Barbara L. White representing Lorenzo D. Mason (Debtor)
Barbara L. White representing Lisa M. Mason (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

10:40 AM
20-30355 Wilma Jean Rose-Head  Ch. 13
Rashad Blossom representing Wilma Jean Rose-Head (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

20-30369 William Orlando Thompson  Ch. 13
Rashad Blossom representing William Orlando Thompson (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

20-30376 Kimberly Dionne Moore  Ch. 13
Rashad Blossom representing Kimberly Dionne Moore (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

20-30384 James Christopher Kelly and Marilyn Crowder Kelly  Ch. 13
Rashad Blossom representing James Christopher Kelly (Debtor)
Rashad Blossom representing Marilyn Crowder Kelly (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)