Projected Court Calendars for 02/28/2018

Judge Beyer Judge Hodges Judge Whitley First Meetings

Laura T. Beyer, Judge Presiding

10:30 AM
17-3120 Crawford v. Bank of America, N.A. Hearing RE: Doc #6; Motion for Summary Judgment
Langdon M. Cooper representing Barrett Crawford (Plaintiff)
Andrew W.J. Tarr representing Bank of America, N.A. (Defendant)

First Meeting of Creditors

10:00 AM
17-32007 International Alloys (U.S.A.), Inc.  Ch. 7
David R. Badger representing International Alloys (U.S.A.), Inc. (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-32008 Larry Arthur Schipper  Ch. 7
David R. Badger representing Larry Arthur Schipper (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-32006 Casey Gerard Bauer and Michelle Lee Bauer  Ch. 7
Beth Carter representing Casey Gerard Bauer (Debtor)
Beth Carter representing Michelle Lee Bauer (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31982 Robert Edgar Melton and Evelyn Louise Melton  Ch. 7
Marcus D Crow representing Robert Edgar Melton (Debtor)
Marcus D Crow representing Evelyn Louise Melton (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31991 Arnold Ian Levine  Ch. 7
Marcus D Crow representing Arnold Ian Levine (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31971 Evette E. Elder  Ch. 7
Sandra U. Cummings representing Evette E. Elder (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31995 Paul Edward Boulden and Janet Kellar Boulden  Ch. 7
Jeffrey G. Dalrymple P.A. representing Paul Edward Boulden (Debtor)
Jeffrey G. Dalrymple P.A. representing Janet Kellar Boulden (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-32005 Lee Stanton Gaskamp and Betsy Smith Gaskamp  Ch. 7
Jeffrey G. Dalrymple P.A. representing Lee Stanton Gaskamp (Debtor)
Jeffrey G. Dalrymple P.A. representing Betsy Smith Gaskamp (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31996 Willard Bradley Lamb  Ch. 7
Michael K. Elliott representing Willard Bradley Lamb (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31444 Jason Mitchell Lash  Ch. 7
Robert H. Gourley, Jr. representing Jason Mitchell Lash (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-32001 Shaun Curtis Thomas  Ch. 7
J. Baron Groshon representing Shaun Curtis Thomas (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31974 Shuaib NMN Ali  Ch. 7
James C. Hord representing Shuaib NMN Ali (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31980 Andrio DeVaughn Thomas  Ch. 7
Paolo Malachi Newman representing Andrio DeVaughn Thomas (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31983 Brittany Renee Dellinger  Ch. 7
Geoffrey A. Planer representing Brittany Renee Dellinger (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31978 Felicia Ann Hayes  Ch. 7
Diana Arleen Saffa representing Felicia Ann Hayes (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31979 Reshanda Demetrica Reid  Ch. 7
Diana Arleen Saffa representing Reshanda Demetrica Reid (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31990 Bethanny Vocke  Ch. 7
Kimberly A. Sheek representing Bethanny Vocke (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31986 Robert Stevens Johnston, Jr.  Ch. 7
Yansea H. Taylor representing Robert Stevens Johnston Jr. (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)

17-31988 Adam Christopher Sanders  Ch. 7
PRO SE - Adam Christopher Sanders (Debtor)
R. Keith Johnson (Trustee)