Projected Court Calendars for 02/06/2018

Judge Beyer Judge Hodges Judge Whitley First Meetings

Laura T. Beyer, Judge Presiding

09:30 AM
17-31701 Pinpoint Warehousing, LLC  Ch. 11 Hearing RE: Doc #14; Use Cash Cash Collateral
Hearing RE: Doc #64; Order (other)
Richard S. Wright representing Pinpoint Warehousing, LLC (Debtor)
Hull & Chandler, P.A. representing Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors (Creditor Committee)

02:00 PM
16-31850 Ryan Allen Boeving and Mary Dawn Boeving  Ch. 13 Hearing RE: Doc #23; Motion to Modify Plan
C. Lee Schwilm representing Ryan Allen Boeving (Debtor)
C. Lee Schwilm representing Mary Dawn Boeving (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

First Meeting of Creditors

09:55 AM
17-32037 John Neal Ranson, Jr.  Ch. 13
Terry M. Duncan representing John Neal Ranson Jr. (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

10:05 AM
17-32049 Douglas Lynn Styers  Ch. 13
Beth Carter representing Douglas Lynn Styers (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

17-32050 Frank Vincent Genco  Ch. 13
Beth Carter representing Frank Vincent Genco (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

10:20 AM
17-32056 Sophie Mary Villavicencio  Ch. 13
Rashad Blossom representing Sophie Mary Villavicencio (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

17-32063 Christopher Eugene Redfern  Ch. 13
Rashad Blossom representing Christopher Eugene Redfern (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

17-32065 Carmen Yvette Murry  Ch. 13
Rashad Blossom representing Carmen Yvette Murry (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

10:45 AM
17-32064 Daniel Aaron Chavis and Jacqueline Carmella Chavis  Ch. 13
Barbara L. White representing Daniel Aaron Chavis (Debtor)
Barbara L. White representing Jacqueline Carmella Chavis (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

11:00 AM
17-32035 Marcus Aaron Morrison  Ch. 13
PRO SE - Marcus Aaron Morrison (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

9:30 AM
17-32051 Mark Thomas Kammer and Christine Friedle Kammer  Ch. 13
Geoffrey A. Planer representing Mark Thomas Kammer (Debtor)
Geoffrey A. Planer representing Christine Friedle Kammer (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

17-32054 Amber Gaston Beatty  Ch. 13
Geoffrey A. Planer representing Amber Gaston Beatty (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)

17-32055 Timothy Bryant Guyther and Cynthia Pruitt Guyther  Ch. 13
Geoffrey A. Planer representing Timothy Bryant Guyther (Debtor)
Geoffrey A. Planer representing Cynthia Pruitt Guyther (Debtor)
Warren L. Tadlock (Trustee)