Projected Court Calendars for 12/27/2017

Judge Beyer Judge Hodges Judge Whitley First Meetings

First Meeting of Creditors

10:00 AM
17-31896 Ayana Juanique Dowe  Ch. 7
Rashad Blossom representing Ayana Juanique Dowe (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

17-31903 Oscar Baruc Montesdeoca  Ch. 7
Rashad Blossom representing Oscar Baruc Montesdeoca (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

17-31887 Stephanie Lynn Dellinger  Ch. 7
Matthew H. Crow representing Stephanie Lynn Dellinger (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

17-31892 James Aubrey Moore and Sarah Moore Moore  Ch. 7
Matthew H. Crow representing James Aubrey Moore (Debtor)
Matthew H. Crow representing Sarah Moore Moore (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

17-31885 Adriana Elizabeth Plata Cobo  Ch. 7
Jeffrey G. Dalrymple P.A. representing Adriana Elizabeth Plata Cobo (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

17-31882 Shannon Annina Driggers  Ch. 7
Terry M. Duncan representing Shannon Annina Driggers (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

17-31897 Joshua David Blevins  Ch. 7
Terry M. Duncan representing Joshua David Blevins (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

17-31895 Kieref Sherrod Gordon  Ch. 7
J. Baron Groshon representing Kieref Sherrod Gordon (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

17-31900 James Huffman Wilkins  Ch. 7
Richard M. Mitchell representing James Huffman Wilkins (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

17-31893 Tammy Michelle Keene  Ch. 7
Diana Arleen Saffa representing Tammy Michelle Keene (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

17-31889 Anthony Earl Monk  Ch. 7
PRO SE - Anthony Earl Monk (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)