Projected Court Calendars for 03/08/2018

Judge Beyer Judge Hodges Judge Whitley First Meetings

First Meeting of Creditors

09:30 AM
17-20092 April Lynn Stillwell  Ch. 13
David R. Hillier representing April Lynn Stillwell (Debtor)
David G. Gray (Trustee)

17-10195 Keith M. Pierce and Jolie L. Pierce  Ch. 13
D. Rodney Kight Jr. representing Keith M. Pierce (Debtor)
D. Rodney Kight Jr. representing Jolie L. Pierce (Debtor)
David G. Gray (Trustee)

17-10452 Mark Ronald Shepherd  Ch. 13
Robert H. Lutz representing Mark Ronald Shepherd (Debtor)
David G. Gray (Trustee)

18-10025 Thomas A. Cooper  Ch. 13
Benson T. Pitts representing Thomas A. Cooper (Debtor)
David G. Gray (Trustee)