Projected Court Calendars for 03/08/2018

Judge Beyer Judge Hodges Judge Whitley First Meetings

First Meeting of Creditors

09:30 AM
18-10007 Kay B. Southerland  Ch. 13
Edward C. Hay Jr. representing Kay B. Southerland (Debtor)
David G. Gray (Trustee)

18-10013 Donald Ray Hollenback and Starlene Ann Hollenback  Ch. 13
T. Bentley Leonard representing Donald Ray Hollenback (Debtor)
T. Bentley Leonard representing Starlene Ann Hollenback (Debtor)
David G. Gray (Trustee)

18-10009 Katherine Eileen Evans  Ch. 13
Stephen Christopher Moore representing Katherine Eileen Evans (Debtor)
David G. Gray (Trustee)

18-10008 Emilie Elisabeth Ford  Ch. 13
PRO SE - Emilie Elisabeth Ford (Debtor)
David G. Gray (Trustee)