Projected Court Calendars for 02/22/2018

Judge Beyer Judge Hodges Judge Whitley First Meetings

First Meeting of Creditors

09:30 AM
18-20000 Jasper Pony Patterson and Jessica Robin Patterson  Ch. 7
David G. Gray representing Jasper Pony Patterson (Debtor)
David G. Gray representing Jessica Robin Patterson (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-10016 Jennifer St. Gallyn Meyer  Ch. 7
T. Bentley Leonard representing Jennifer St. Gallyn Meyer (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-10011 Mark Edward Langner  Ch. 7
Stephen Christopher Moore representing Mark Edward Langner (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-10012 Paulette NMI Sokolow  Ch. 7
Benson T. Pitts representing Paulette NMI Sokolow (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)

18-10010 Melanie Kay Hickman  Ch. 7
PRO SE - Melanie Kay Hickman (Debtor)
Langdon M. Cooper (Trustee)