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Court Details
Court's Name Western District of North Carolina
Release Name NextGen CM/ECF Release 1.3 (Revision 1.3.3)
ECF Go Live Date March 5, 2001
Maximum PDF File Size (MB) 12
Maximum Merge Document Size (MB) 50
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Court Locations
Court's Name Western District of North Carolina
Court's Address 401 West Trade Street, Room 111, Charlotte, NC 28202
Court's Phone Number (704)350-7500
Court's Hours 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Court's Name Western District of North Carolina - Asheville Division
Court's Address 100 Otis Street, Room 112, Asheville, NC 28801-2611
Court's Phone Number (828)771-7300
Court's Hours 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

PACER Details
PACER Address PACER Service Center, PO Box 780549, San Antonio TX 78278-0549
PACER Phone Number 800-676-6856
PACER Email Address

Flag Definitions
$DUEMoney Due
727OBJObjection to the Discharge of the Debtor
AnsFiledAnswer Filed
Appeal4circAppealed to Fourth Circuit
Aw341dktAwaiting Docketing of First Meeting
AwCloseAwaiting Closing
AwDschgAwaiting Discharge
BARREDDebtor barred from filing
BIFURCATEDCase Bifurcated
BillTRPrepare Certification of Fees Due
CLAIMSClaims have been docketed to this case
CLOSEDCase Closed
CONSOLIDATEDConsolidated Case
CounDueCounseling Due
DEEMDeem Mortgage Current
DIFPDeny In Forma Pauperis
DISMISSEDCase Dismissed
DISMISSPARTYParty Dismissed from Case
DSCHGDENIEDDischarge Denied
DeBNDebtor Electronic Noticing
DirAplDirect Appeal
DsclsDueDisclosure Statement Due
FUNDSRegistry Funds
FeeDeferAdversary Filing Fee Deferred
FeeDueABAdversary Case Opening Fee Due
FeeDueAMAmendment to Schedules
FeeDueAMDFee Due for Amendment to Debtors Schedule or List of Creditors
FeeDueAPAdversary Filing Fee Due
FeeDueAPLFee Due Notice of Appeal
FeeDueBKFee Due Voluntary/Involuntary Petition
FeeDueCAPLCross Appeal Fee Due
FeeDueCNVConversion Fee Due
FeeDueDocDocument Filing Fee Due
FeeDueINSTInstallment Payment Due
FeeDueMPFee Due Miscellaneous Proceeding
FeeDueNTCClaims & Notice Fees Due
FeeDueREOPENFiling Fee Due for Reopening Case
FeeDueROReopen Case
FeeDueRSRelief from Stay Fee Due
FeeDueSPLITFiling Fee Due on Motion to Split (Sever) Case
FeeDueWDREFFiling Fee Due for Withdrawal of Reference
FeeFinalFinal Installment Due
FeeFirstFirst Installment
FeeInsDENYInstallment Fee Denied
FeeSecondSecond Installment Due
FeeThirdThird Installment Due
FinMgtFinancial Management
HARDSHIPHardship Discharge
HOLDClose-BAHold Close - BA
HOLDdschgHold Debtors Discharge
IFPIFP fee Waived
INTRAIntra-District Transfer
IneligCloseDo not redisplay case ineligible for auto close
IneligDischDo not redisplay case ineligible for auto discharge
JOINTADMINJointly Administered Case
JURYDMDJury Demand
LEADLead Case
NoADINo Automatic Docketing
NotSwornDebtor Not Sworn
OBJCONFObjection to Confirmation of Plan
OBJDISHCHObjection to Discharge
OvrrideOverride Preferred Creditor Address
PRIORBARprior bar flag for PACER
PRVDISCHPrevious Discharge
PRVDISMPrevious Dismissal
PayTRPay Trustee
PlnAssume1Plan Assume 1
PlnAssume2Plan Assume 2
PlnAssume3Plan Assume 3
PlnAssume4Plan Assume 4
PlnAssume5Plan Assume 5
PlnAssume6Plan Assume 6
PlnAssume7Plan Assume 7
PlnAssume8Plan Assume 8
PlnAssume9Plan Assume 9
PlnDuePlan Due
PlnLien1Plan Lien 1
PlnLien2Plan Lien 2
PlnLien3Plan Lien 3
PlnLien4Plan Lien 4
PlnLien5Plan Lien 5
PlnLien6Plan Lien 6
PlnLien7Plan Lien 7
PlnLien8Plan Lien 8
PlnLien9Plan Lien 9
PlnValue1Plan Value 1
PlnValue2Plan Value 2
PlnValue3Plan Value 3
PlnValue4Plan Value 4
PlnValue5Plan Value 5
PlnValue6Plan Value 6
PlnValue7Plan Value 7
PlnValue8Plan Value 8
PlnValue9Plan Value 9
ProSeESROpened from an eSR package
REOPENEDReopened Case
RSCND-DSCHGDischarge Rescinded
RSCND-DSMDismissal Rescinded
Repeat-ncwbprior BK filing within this court
RepeatPACERprior BK filing identified by Pacer Case Locator
SealDocSealed Document
SkipPriorRelCaseSkip AJT assignment because the case has a prior or related case
SmBusSmall Business
StayedCaseStayed Case
StayedProcStayed Proceeding
Subchapter_VChapter 11, Subchapter V
TRANSFERTransfer Case
TRANSINCase Transferred Into the District
TRANSOUTCase Transferred Out of District
TaxReqTax Forms Required
TrRptTrustee's Report of No Distribution
VENUEVenue Changed
WithXMLDataA code to track cases opened with XML data
eSROpened from an eSR package

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